SNIF PIFF - Un parfum de luxe pour vos animaux
Snif Piff  porposes unique perfumes for your pets. All our scents are created, fabricated & manually assembled in Montreal, Quebec.
Each eau de parfum was inspired by different tours. This olfactive composition bring loving memories, and this is the way that I leave you to discover by our first fragrance edition.
The perfume range has been designed in three parts.
Due to their rich florals,smells of Esperanza as well as Nieva carries imaginary gardens and lay blink of  feminity.
Aromas denoting masculinity are presented under the names Kamos and Eros.The raw materials of those fragrances consist of a spicy woodland in which it adds a form of prevention against bite unwanted.
Merging has both yin and yang,the concoction of these blends flowers, amber, spicy aromas of the Orient gave Océanos a common resonance and definitely perfect to unisex.